Week Seven PoV Competition


Houseguests, welcome to this week's Power of Veto competition!

The winner of this competition will be given the choice whether they want to remove a nominee from the block or not.

Steven as HOH, you will be participating in this competition along with the people you nominated, Tyler and Eva.


You will be joined by the two eligible Houseguests...

Mackie and Diane!!!


The five of you will be playing....


Here's how it works...

Everyone has been assigned a set of 6 colors. It is designed so that each player has an equal shot at winning PoV. It is your job to determine the exact colors and the order of your colors using the fewest number of guesses. Within that set of 6, you could have duplicate colors, even up to three repeats of the same color. Or, you could have no duplicates at all.

As you guess, I will provide hints to how close you are to guessing your 6 part set.


If you guess the EXACT spot that a color sits, I will identify it with an (*). If you guess the correct color but NOT the exact spot, I will idenftify it with a (!).


If you get more than one color or EXACT spot correct, I will put a number in front of the * or !. Example: 2*3!


I will not tell you exactly which spot you got correct, just that you have one correct.



Someone's set could be Red, Orange, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow


First Guess: Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Orange, Black

with Red is in the exact spot, Blue and Orange are correct but not EXACT spot so I would reply with 1*, 2!.


The colors I am using for this challenge are as follows....














PM me in your confessional when you are ready to attempt your color guesses. You have until 6/26/16 at 11pm Eastern to start your color guesses.

Good Luck!!

Reminder, failure to submit without being excused results in a strike. 3 strikes and you're out!!