Week Seven HoH Competition


Houseguests, welcome to the Head of Household competition!

The winner of this competition will be immune from the eviction and more importantly, will have the responsibility of nominating two people for eviction. As outgoing HoH, Mackie, you will not be participating.

You will be playing

Guess Who!?!

Each of you has been assigned a random Big Brother Contestant. It's up to you to figure out who your contestant is. You do so by asking Yes or No questions. Making guesses counts towards your questions. You are limited to 20 questions, if you hit 20, we stop you and you're done.

This challenge will take place in your diary room.

The person who identifies their contestant using the fewest amount of questions wins and is this week's HoH.

You are NOT allowed to reveal you're results with anyone else. Including the answers to your questions and who your contestant is.

You must identify your contestant by 6pm Eastern on 6/20/16.

Questions?!?! Let me know!! Good Luck!!

Good luck!

Note: Not submitting for a challenge without notifying one of the hosts will give you one challenge strike. Three strikes and you will be removed from the game