Week Two Battle of the Block


Houseguests, welcome to the Battle of the Block competition!!


Eva and Lucas...


Ali and Mackie...

As the two pairs of nominees, you will face off in the Battle of the Block competition. You will work together with your pair in a battle to defeat the other pair of nominations. The winner will overthrow the HoH that nominated them and become safe from nomination while their respective HoH will become vulnerable.

Nominees...you will be playing...


For those that have not seen or played Trolol, it is essentially an endurance/spamming game. I will create two threads on the wiki. One title Steven's Nominees and the other titled Patrick's Nominees. Once those threads are posted, you must post pictures in your respective threads.

Eva and Lucas post in Steven's Nominees thread while Ali and Mackie post in Patrick's Nominees thread.

You will have 24 hours to post as many pictures as possible. NO duplicates on the same thread are allowed. You can copy pictures from the other pair, but you can not repeat pictures on your own thread.

You must be signed in to your wikia account for your post to count. You can only post on your own thread. And only the nominees can post; no help from the rest of the house.

All photos must be PG-13. NO NUDITY!!!

The pair of nominees with the most POSTS of PICTURES in their thread wins Battle of the Block, overthrows their HoH and is safe for the week.

You have until (May 29th) 1:15PM Eastern to post.

Good Luck!!!

Reminder, failure to submit without excusing yourself will result in a strike!!