Week Two Nomination Ceremony

*Steven and Patrick walk in carry the key box*



This is the nomination ceremony. It is our job as HOH to nominate two people for eviction. I will pull the first key, that person is safe. Then they will pull the next key, and so on and so forth. I will now pull the first key...

Steven pulls out the key off...


Tyler M., you are safe!

Tyler M. pulls out the key off...


Uli, you are safe!

Uli pulls out the key off...


Tyler F., you are safe!

Tyler F. pulls out the key off...


Johnny, you are safe!

Johnny pulls out the key off...


Diane, you are safe!

Well housemates it's time once again to nominate. This time I won't be letting the house set my nominations but rather I will be naming two pawns to go up on the block. Neither of you are my target and please know that if I remain HoH after BotB I will be backdooring "she who must not be named".

I have chosen to put up the lovely Cassandra, I mean ALI!

My second nominee, whom we all know was cast as eye candy for the viewers: Mackie !

Boys neither of you are targets for elimination. If you win BotB I will be happy for you both. If not I will make sure you both stay this week under my HoH. - Patrick

That means we have nominated Eva, Lucas, Ali and Mackie.  Steven elected to nominate Eva and Lucas while Patrick nominated Ali and Mackie.  The two pairs of nominees will compete in the battle of the block which will be presented in a separate post.



The nomination ceremony is adjourned.