Week Two HoH Competition


Houseguests, welcome to the Head of Household competition!

The winner of this competition will be immune from the eviction and more importantly, will have the responsibility of nominating two people for eviction. As outgoing HoH, Johnny, you will not be participating.

You will be playing


Delicious Dozen-1

For this simple challenge, all participants shall begin with ten cookies. Individuals shall hand out however many cookies they wish to whoever they want to. You hand out all your cookies to other people. You can NOT keep any. Though here is the catch... after each person has handed out their cookies, they make a decision on how many cookies they wish to eat. If that number is greater than however many cookies they actually have, they are out of this competition. The houseguest who is able to eat the most cookies without going over the amount they were given is the next Head of Household. If there is a tie, the person who had the most people give cookies to them shall become the new Head of Household. Houseguests are NOT allowed to discuss their choices with other houseguests, and if the hosts are informed of such discussions taking place... action shall be taken.

Send your submission in your Diary Room chat on Facebook. You have until May 27, 8pm EST.

Good luck!

Note: Not submitting for a challenge without notifying one of the hosts will give you one challenge strike. Three strikes and you will be removed from the game