Week One Battle of the Block!!


Houseguests, welcome to the Battle of the Block competition!!


Tyler F. and Diane...


Tyler M. and Steven...

As the two pairs of nominees, you will face off in the Battle of the Block competition. You will work together with your pair in a battle to defeat the other pair of nominations. The winner will overthrow the HoH that nominated them and become safe from nomination while their respective HoH will become vulnerable.

Nominees...you will be playing...

Sliding Puzzle!!!


The team with the combined FASTEST TIME, NOT SCORE, will win the Battle of the Block and be safe from eliminations. Failure to submit will result in an automatic score of 30 minutes.

Send your submission in your Diary Room chat on Facebook. You have until (May 24th) 11:00PM Eastern.

Good Luck!!!

Reminder, failure to submit without excusing yourself will result in a strike!!