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• 7/7/2018

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• 9/2/2017

TBORG BB6: The Jungle - Finale Results!!!

All the votes are locked in, we are about to read the final results...
But first, I wanna personally congratulate both Jenna and Rhys on making it this far in the competition...

Now, on to the vote...

Jenna and Rhys, one of you will be the winner of TBORG Big Brother Season Six!
It's time to read the votes live. Remember, it takes 4 votes to win...

Ella voted for...

Rhys! To be the winner of Big Brother Six.

Alissa voted for...

Jenna! To be the winner of Big Brother Six.One vote for Rhys, and one vote for Jenna.

Nathan voted for...

Rhys! To be the winner of Big Brother Six.So far it's two votes Rhys, and one vote Jenna.

Evan voted for...

Jenna! To be the winner of Big Brother Six.That's two votes for Jenna, and two votes for Rhys.

Audrey voted for...

Rhys! To be the winner of Big Brother Six.So far it's three votes for Rhys, two votes for Jenna, takes four to win.

Claire voted for...

Jenna! To be the winner of Big Brother Six.That's three votes for Jenna, three votes for Rhys. This final vote will decide the winner folks!!

Miguel voted for...

Congratulations, Jenna! You are the winner of TBORG Big Brother - Season 6: The Jungle!!
Also congratulations to Rhys for being our runner-up!

I'd like to thank everyone who played for making this game fun and exiting and we hope you all really enjoyed your experience here!
It's been yet another great season and once again, congratulations to Jenna for winning 4 - 3. Jenna becomes our sixth winner in this ORG and we look forward to seeing how TBORG Big Brother Seven: All Stars pans out! Stay tuned everyone and have a great night!
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• 8/31/2017

Miguel's Jury Speech

Hey guys congrats on making it to this point, you both have fought a lot to be here, I am not gonna like critic any of ur games, I just have questions and I'm gonna base my vote in them.
So first, Jenna, I was with you all this game, I just wanted to ask you what do you think your biggest move was and if you had to choose anyone to be sitting with you who would it be (don't mention Rhys or myself.)
Rhys you were an amazing player and I was with you (kinda) too, so I wanted to ask you the same, which was ur biggest move and who would you be sitting next to (can't be Jenna or myself).
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• 8/30/2017

Evan's Jury Speech

Okay hi guys, I'm kinda swamped with school work and I'm at a library and I don't want people looking at me funny SO I'll try to get this out quick.
First off congrats to both of you for making it this far, this season may have kinda dragged on and things got a bit messy BUT, and we here on the jury can attest to this, we felt this was actually a really underrated and a pretty promising cast so for you two to beat all of us to get here, congrats.
I don't really have what I'm about to say planned out so idk I guess I'll just address you both and see if I have any questions.
Rhys, we really didn't talk much. Probably due to bad time zones, but idk I also found it like.. pretty hard to have an engaging conversation with you. We were obviously on opposite sides across the house so I can probably understand why we didn't talk much, and fair enough. You were an underdog for most of this game that found bigger targets to hide behind, so I do appreciate how you got there. Sorry if this is lazy but I don't have much time to read other jury speeches aside from my own, so I want you tell me how your game outshined Jenna's, bc socially I don't really have a reason to vote for you but I very well may if you make me believe you outworked Jenna big time.
Jenna, I've played two games with you and you reached the finale both times while I came up short. YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THIS. Jk, that to me just shows how strong of a player you are and I honestly underestimated you heading into these games (well this bc I think it started first)? But anyways, I felt you played a similar game to Rhys as well, being able to win comps when you needed to, and hiding behind the shields you needed to, aka me and Alissa. I guess in a way though, had me or Alissa started dominating the comps, aka had I started winning the comps bc ALISSA'S ALISSA, do you think you still could've put yourself in a winning position? Idk if I have the exact answer to that, and I want you to be able to explain that to me. But regardless you're here now, and rn I'm leaning on voting you again to win another game and it's been fun being able to play and work with you.
Rhys - explain how your game is deserving over Jenna's to win.
Jenna - I want you to elaborate a little more on your endgame plans. Who were you thinking of bringing to the end, did that shuffle when Alissa left, were you gonna take me to the end?
And this one's for the undecided jurors and I always love asking this question, or welll, giving this task ---
RANK THE JURY 1-however many of us there are in terms of gameplay. Small explanations for brownie points. I do this to test your guys' awareness on the game and possibly wound egos (hopefully not mine) so enjoy.
Good luck you two.
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• 8/30/2017

Alissa's Jury Speech

Hi I don't rlly have much to say other than congrats to you 2 I'm very proud and I'll be satisfied with either outcome tbh. I have a few questions tho
Explain to all of us why flashy doesn't necessarily = better, because I think we can all agree rhys had a flashier game for sure, you chose to lay under the radar, tell us why that's a better strategy or why it's at least deserving of our vote
You did a lot of the work you didn't rlly necessarily have to do, I would've never gone after u but you took me out which ultimately helped Audrey, its stuff like that that make me question whether you rlly played the better strategic game or if your comp wins kinda got you here, that being said I'm rly impressed with the fact that you are here and that is something I can't take away from you because as a comp beast it is harder to make sure u get to the end when ur not hoh, my question for u is, what strategic moves did you make that didn't require you winning competitions
Question for both of you:
Compare each player to a BB player (jk u don't have to do this but it'd be nice tbh, I don't want the end game to be full of tension and seriousness and this would be a cute way of forgetting about that but it's not rlly game related so I won't force you to)
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• 8/30/2017

Ella's Jury Speech 👅👅👅

Jury Speech:
Hey babez, congrats on making it to the F2! It's so funny to being a juror now bc two days ago I was sitting there in a survivor game giving it my all and I won 8-1-0. One of you will win this game and since I'm still 100% undecided I'd say give it your best shot!
Rhys, you were my closest ally in the house since pretty much Day 1. We clicked and I really thought we were a duo in this game. But apparantly, I was wrong lol. You were the one putting us in danger the very first week. Just because Kathy's alliance was not gonna be real, you just decided to not only screw your own game up but also mine. It caused Gevonte and Kathy's evictions which I felt pretty bad about. However, you put a target on your back since then and made it all the way to the end plus having your immunity item and some comp wins on your name. I feel like you had some flaws but the way of how you played this game fills it in.
Question #1: Looking back at you exposing the fake alliance and putting me in danger, do you feel kinda selfish you threw four people under the bus to the whole house just to benefit yourself?
Question #2: If I won the veto during the week we were both on the block and you would've survived, what was I gonna be in your ideal game? For example; would you take me to the finals or would you take me out later?
Question #3: If you could remove one of the jurors vote, who would you choose and why?

Jenna, you and I bonded pretty well. In your speech I kinda felt like you were too aggressive sometimes LOL. "If you didn't benefit my game, I'd chop you off". I mean we're not cpu's in a online board game, we're humans so I kinda felt like that was rude. Besides that, your personality is awesome and the fact you did a video speech earned you bonus points bc we got to see your character. I'd like to explain one thing by the way. The reason I put you on the block was that I was 100% convinced you would not go home. After I put you as the rep, the rumors started that Evan was trying to let Ally stay. So trust me, I had no intention to put you in a dangerous spot and not care about you in this game. I was really loyal to you and hope you'll realize that. Anyways you got other allies in this game so you had to pick a side and I completely understand that. About your game, I have mixed feelings. You won comps, you had a great social game but you didn't bring much to the game strategically. You were always part of the Evan-Alissa-you group people were talking about but people were most threatened by Evan and Alissa and didn't see you as a big player. I know that was your strategy but I'm someone who loves big players who start with a big boom and go to the end. This doesn't mean I thought your game was bad but it was sometimes kinda underwhelming.
Question #1: Why should I give you my vote and not to Rhys?
Question #2: If you won HoH instead of me during the week I became HoH, what would you have done? Who were gonna be your nominees and who would be your target?
Question #3: If you, Alissa and Miguel made the F3 (assuming you wouldn't let Evan go to F3 because of his comp wins and his target) and you would win the final hoh, who would you take with you and why?

You two played great games and I'd be happy with either of you winning this game. I mean, you still made it here with different strategies and you can be proud of yourself. Best of luck and I see you two soon! Xx
btw i wrote this on my phone so might look messy djsksjaja
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• 8/29/2017

Audrey's Jury Speech

Hi guys and congratulations on making it final 2. I feel like you both have pros and cons on why you are deserving on winning the game. I am nowhere bitter and I really want to reward the best game.

Rhys you were good at competitions and made big moves but people seemed hesitant to trust you early on. I am curious about your social game and how it developed over the weeks.
1.     1. You mentioned having two great allies in Ella and I. Did you have any sort of relationship with other people? If so who? And on which level did it help you in the game?
With Jenna’s speech, I’ve learned that you made a final 2 deal with her. I have this question for you:
2.     '2. 'If you had the choice who would you have really taken to the final 2 between Claire, Jenna, Miguel and myself and why?

Jenna, your video explained your game quite well. You said you were not a floater for the comp wins you got and I agree. However I do feel like you got carried away by your alliances without making big decisions until you /had/ to when your meat shields were taking out by other people. You seemed like you were going with the flow most of the time, which I don’t find it to be a wrong strategy, but I’m more into proactive game moves.
1.      1.   Can you tell me if you did anything proactive in having what you wanted happened even if you weren’t directly in control?
2.      2.  Also, in the case that Alissa and Evan wouldn’t have been cut this early in the jury phase, how long would you have stayed allied with them and why?
Thank you guys! You are both great ! And thank you to the hosts I had a fantastic time J
P.S. My English isn’t the best as usual, do not hesitate to ask for any clarification !
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• 8/29/2017

Nathan's Jury Speech

<cracks knuckles>
Congrats to both of you for making it here. For some reason I have a feeling that if the Final HOH didn't go down the way it did, Miguel would be sitting here and it would've made my decision easier, but thankfully that's not the case.
Rhys, in the first couple days in this game, Ally informed me of your "alliance" with Gevonte, Ella, Kathy, and Miguel. In fact, most of the House had already heard about this rumor, allegedly that you were the one who leaked the alliance. This led to the formation of the Trigger Squad, divided the House, and put a big target on all of your backs. You even randomly admitted to me that the alliance was a thing after Jose was evicted. After I join the jury, come to find out, THIS ALLIANCE WAS NEVER A THING. So I am confusion. My question for you is:
What was the logic behind starting this fake rumor that basically made you a target for the whole game?
Jenna, in my opinion, you laid low for a good portion of the game. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but seeing Rhys play from Day 1 (even if it was pretty grotesque), I'm questioning whether I should reward you for breaking out eventually or reward Rhys for openly playing from Day 1. During your HoH, I kept telling you that it wasn't me that leaked the Virgins, but that it had to have been either Alissa or Evan. My questions for you are:
1. During the previous voting period (me vs. Alissa) and your first HOH, when I kept telling you it wasn't me, did you already know that Alissa was the one who leaked our alliance?
2. Other than anything related to Ally and I getting thrown under the bus during Ella's HOH (idk if you had anything to do with that or not), what was one pre-jury, game-changing move you made?
Thank you to the hosts for casting me. This was an amazing experience, and I'm glad to have finally not flopped in a BB game. Between three ties (two of which were back to back), a twist that for a while seemed like nothing was going to come from it but luckily did, and a very deserving final two, I consider this the best season so far. Tom, if you ever read this, I hope you're doing well and hope you come back soon. Just remember, no matter your situation, live every day to the fullest! Good luck to the both of you <3
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• 8/28/2017

Jenna's Opening Statement

Jenna's Opening Statement
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• 8/27/2017

Rhys' Opening Statement

Thank you hosts for casting me for my first Big Brother game. Thanks for the great cast for making it a good game. Been such a great summer , and I feel like this was a suitable end to this season. So best of luck to Jenna. Onto my speech.
Big Brother is a social game , so therefore my main priority in the game was to focus on genuine connections. Which I think , and i hope I have actually managed to make. I knew that the first few boots of any org generally has had a bad social game. So I managed to stay of the block the first few weeks and had a solid standing within the house. My social game allowed me to form two close allies , in Audrey & Ella. Both of which helped my game, as I was able to trust them early on , and talk about the game. Throughout the early game , a few alliances got leaked and they could’ve put a target onto my back. I took this knowledge to just strengthen bonds between people to avoid nomination and a target on my back , until sides were more clear.
When I went to the temple , I found immunity. This was a great safety net for my game. It meant I was able to make moves with a plan to fall back on in case i was targeted the following week. So I was put on the block next to Ella, this was the week after finding immunity. I could've used my immunity this week , however , I had my penalty vote. Which I felt like if I kept it any longer It would've made me an easier target. I was sure I had the votes to stay that week , so I kept hold of my immunity. Thus Ella went home . I still had immunity , and my penalty vote was gone. ( Which if I hadn’t , I would’ve been evicted on the double eviction).
During my HOH , I knew I wanted to target Evan , he had a strong physical game winning the most challenges. Because of Evan’s good performance in competitions, I needed every person who was good at competitions. So I nominated Nathan, guaranteeing that he would play in the veto as well as promising he would be safe. Ultimately we fell short , Evan won the veto and I couldn't let my HOH be a waste. So I had to nominate either Alissa or Jenna. Both of which I knew would be close to Evan. I decided Alissa, knowing she could be quite influential, as she could be very persuasive. This week I also built trust alongside Nathan, strengthening one of the weaker relationships I had in the house. As well as building trust alongside Claire , by telling her I had the Immunity.
The following week I was nominated , as Jenna approached me asking If I had immunity. Knowing , that with Miguel gone to the temple last week , he could know that I might of found immunity. So I thought it was best to tell the truth now , so I wouldn't find myself in any trouble later on for being caught in a lie. This helped build trust as I was able to tell the truth. She nominated me to flush out my immunity. So obviously , I didn't want to let this happen. I wanted to hold onto my immunity as long as I could. So I went hard on the Veto and managed to win.
Next week , I didn't do too much. Although with Audrey I managed to find out Miguel had an advantage. As Me and Audrey compared notes. There was only three chests with notes, when i visited the temple. I managed to guess one chest to open it. When Audrey went , there was only one chest with notes on it(the same amount of clues when I had went there) and two opened. So that meant claire or miguel had an advantage. However , it had to be Miguel , because if Claire had it , there would’ve been an extra clue. So with this information we decided it would be best for Audrey to put Miguel next to Evan on the block.
The Double eviction , went horrible for me. My immunity had just ended. I flopped in both challenges. So I had to do my best in order to sway two people to my side. I easily got Miguel to keep me. So I talked to Claire next , and got a somewhat torn up answer. I figured it wasn't a good sign , and tried to talk to Jenna, assuming at worst it would tie. So Jenna made a deal with me , asking if I would keep her safe next week. I happily agreed , knowing that I was likely to win HOH over the other two. Thus Jenna broke the tie to keep me safe.
The next week , is when i realised , that no one would take me to the end given the choice. So I made a final 4 deal with Jenna , realising out of the remaining 3 , she would be most likely to take me. Jenna ended up being safe, and we never had to test the final two we made.
So to summarize I should get your vote because, I was actively social in this game , making connections. I was aware of what was happening , and knew when i was safe. I won competitions when I needed too. I made moves when i could, and I was always thinking ahead.
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• 8/26/2017

The Finale

Finalists and jury members, welcome to the finale!
The game is coming to an end and soon we will crown the winner of TBORG: Big Brother Six - The Jungle!

Rhys and Jenna, congratulations on making it to the finale! The two of you will now have the chance to address the jury. You will be making an opening speech, make a new thread titled "-Insert Name-'s Final Speech".

Once both finalists have posted their opening speeches, the members of the jury will have their chance to speak. You may make a speech and ask questions, either for one of them or for both of them. "-Insert name-'s Jury Speech". What you are not allowed to do, is make a demand on any finalist. You will have 48 hours to create and post your jury speech. If you do not post within the 48 hour window, your jury statement will forfeited and we will move straight to the final vote.
The members of the jury may start sending in their votes in their diary room chats after Rhys and Jenna have had a chance to reply to everything.
Good luck!
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• 8/26/2017

Final HoH Part Two Results and...

Part Two results.....

By a score of 120 to A STRIKE FOR FAILING TO SUBMIT, the winner is.....

Congratulations, Jenna!! You have won part two of the Final HoH Competition.
Unfortunately, that is Miguel's THIRD strike and per the rules this eliminates him from the game. Miguel is therefore eliminated and finishes in 3rd place as the final member of the Jury. It's unfortunate this had to happen at this stage of the game, but he has pushed the limit several times and earned his third strike.
Sub-sequentially, the Final 2 will be Rhys vs. Jenna. Finale post coming shortly.
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• 8/25/2017

Final HoH Part Two

Houseguests, welcome to the second part of the Final Head of Household competition!
Jenna and Miguel, the winner of this part will face off against Rhys in the final part of the Final HOH!!

You will be playing...
Jungle Runner!

For this challenge, you guys will be playing the flash game Jungle Runner. The person with the highest score wins Part Two of the Final HoH, and will face off against Rhys in the final part!

Submissions are due 8:30 PM Eastern on 8/25/17.

Questions, let us know please. Good luck houseguests!
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• 8/23/2017

Final HoH Part One - Results

In third, with an abstain...
MiguelWhich means either Rhys or Jenna won part 1 of the Final HoH. By a score of 15:00.03 to Does not count...Congratulations Rhys on winning part 1!Please await part 3, where you will face off against either Jenna or Miguel.
Jenna and Miguel, please await the next part of Final HoH.
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• 8/21/2017

Final HoH Part One

Houseguests, welcome to the FINAL Head of Household competition!
The winner of this competition will be immune from the eviction and more importantly, will have the responsibility of deciding who the final juror is and who they will be sitting next to at the finals!!
You will be playing...
Hold the Button!!!

A fun little endurance competition. For this competition, we are using the same twist that can be found in the main wikia series, as well as final immunity challenges in some survivor ORGs.

The twist being, you don't just hold the button for as long as possible. You hold the button...several times...with increasing increments of time.
The first time you Hold the Button, it must be 1 minute. The 2nd time it must be two minutes, then three minutes, then four minutes.
I need a separate screen shot submission for EACH minute. Date and Time are an absolute must for each screen shot.
There is a mobile app version of Hold the Button that I will allow, but you still need date and time.
The person who makes it the furthest with the most minutes wins Part One of the Final HoH!!
Submissions are due 5:45pm Eastern on 8/22/17.

Questions?!?! Let me know!! Good Luck!!
Good luck!

Note: Not submitting for a challenge without notifying one of the hosts will give you one challenge strike. Three strikes and you will be removed from the game
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• 8/18/2017

Week Ten Eviction Night Results

Claire and Jenna

The vote to evict is in. When I reveal the vote, the evicted houseguest will have five minutes to gather her belongings, say her goodbyes, and walk out the front door.

Ok, this has been a very very difficult decision bc I really feel both of you have played amazing games and I love both of you, I'm in this position tho and I have to do what's the best for me even if ppl may or may not agree with me, I have to fight these two in the final comp. For that Claire I have to evict you.


Claire, it's official, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house and will be the sixht member of the Jury. Please say your goodbyes.
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• 8/17/2017

Week Ten Power of Veto Ceremony and Eviction Night

As the Power of Veto holder, I may save myself or the other nominee that has been put up. My decision is...


I have decided... to use the Power of Veto on myself.
"I think it's pretty obvious that I'm using the POV in myself, I've fought hard to be here and I'm not done yet, so that's why."


My replacement nominee is....




That means Claire and Jenna are up for eviction. Miguel, tonight you will cast the sole vote to evict.

The vote for eviction is due by 6:00 PM EST on 8/18/17.
Failure to vote will result in a penalty vote at your next nomination.
Good Luck!
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• 8/17/2017

Week Ten PoV Competition Results

In fourth place with a score of 10.... 


Which means either Rhys, Miguel or Claire won this week's PoV... 
With a score of 8 to 9 to 9...

Congratulations!! Miguel, you've won the Power of Veto!

Please submit your decision by 5:50 PM Eastern on 8/18/17.
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• 8/17/2017

Week Ten PoV Competition

Houseguests, welcome to this week's Power of Veto competition!

The winner of this competition will be given the choice whether they want to remove a nominee from the block or not.
Rhys as HOH, you will be participating in this competition along with the people you nominated, Claire and Miguel.

You will be joined by the remaining Houseguest...

The four of you will be playing... 
Guess the BB Player!! 

In this competition, you will be assigned a secret BB player, and try to figure out who they are! You will do that by asking yes or no questions in your diary rooms. Whoever correctly guesses their BB player with the fewest guesses will win the Power of Veto!

Deadline is 10:50 am Eastern on 8/18/17.

Questions? Please let us know. Good luck houseguests!
Note: Not submitting for a challenge without notifying one of the hosts will give you one challenge strike. Three strikes and you will be removed from the game.
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• 8/16/2017

Week Ten Nomination Ceremony

Welcome to the nomination ceremony...
Rhys walks in with the key box.

Welcome Houseguests to the tenth Nomination Ceremony of the season. It is my responsibility as Head of Household to nominate two houseguests for eviction.


First person nominated for eviction is...




Second person nominated for eviction is...




I have chosen to nominate you, Miguel, and you, Claire for eviction.
Nominations shouldn't matter , so I just random.org'd it , best of luck on the veto .

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